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Who will not fight against injustice in the country, it will be judged as ‘coward’: Priyanka

ByRachita Singh

Dec 14, 2019
Who will not fight against injustice in the country, it will be judged as 'coward': Priyanka

14 December, 2019 13:41 First

new Delhi [India], 14 December (ANI): Not fighting a fight against injustice in the country will be considered cowardly in history, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday spoke on crimes against women.
The party general secretary talked about her meeting with the family of a rape victim from Unnao who died after being kidnapped by the accused while she was going to court for trial in the rape case.
“A few days ago I went to a farmer’s house in Awadh. He had five daughters and a son … A daughter was raped and the accused was the son of the village headman and the police refused to file a report. But he Didn’t do it. Lose courage … One day, she was going to court when the accused set her on fire. She ran for a kilometer, but later fell to the ground, “Priyanka said while speaking at the ‘Save India’ rally said.
“That farmer started crying when I went to his house. He reminded me of my father (Rajiv Gandhi), who lost his life at the age of 19 … Our moral duty to save this country from oppression Hai “added Priyanka.
He further said that Congress workers asked him to join the ‘fight against injustice’, “Today there is an injustice everywhere. The accused are being saved after committing crimes against women. The debts of big industrialists are forgiven. And the poor are made. ” Problem of face… Those fighting against injustice in the country will be considered cowardly in history.
Targeting the BJP-led government, the Congress leader underlined that the Indian economy had grown at a rapid pace during the UPA regime.
“India emerged from a freedom struggle. The country defeated the largest empire through non-violence and peace. It is a country of brotherhood … A few years ago, our country’s economy was booming,” he said.
Senior Congress leader Priyanka also criticized the government on the issue of employment and said that the country is witnessing unprecedented inflation.
“Foreign investment was coming into India and our industries strengthened and jobs were generated through MGNREGA. Six years after the BJP government, job creation has seen a decline. Inflation has been low as before. Factories are closing down Huh.” The party general secretary said.
Priyanka also took a dig at the BJP’s campaign of ‘Modi hai to mukkin hai’ and said that onion is being sold for Rs 100 per kg due to the policies of the central government.
“There are posters of ‘Modi is to be possible’ in advertisements in every bus stop and newspapers. But the reality is that if the BJP is there, onion prices are at Rs 100 per kg and unemployment is at an all-time high in 45 years. And 4 crore people have already lost jobs and 15,000 farmers have committed suicide. Laws are being made due to which the constitution is in danger, “he said.
The rally was also addressed by senior Congress leaders including Jyotiraditya Scindia, Sachin Pilot, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Bhupesh Baghel. (ANI)

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