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Sonia in ‘Save India’ rally

ByRachita Singh

Dec 14, 2019
Sonia in 'Save India' rally

14 December, 2019 14:13 First

new Delhi [India], 14 December (ANI): Targeting the Modi government on issues of unemployment and economic crisis, Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said that the time of “struggle” has come if the country is to be “saved”.
“For a long time, the situation in the country has become critical. It is our responsibility to come out of our homes and do something. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to choose one of two parties to decide. . Today is the time. If we want to save the country, we have to struggle. The country is facing an unemployment crisis like people have not seen in the last decades, “Gandhi said here his party’s’ India Save ‘said at the rally.
“When I look at the situation of the farmers, I feel pain. They are not getting seeds, fertilizer nor their rights for their produce. The small businessmen who took loans for business, they are the Modi government. Have been destroyed by policies. ” He said that he was reported to have committed suicide as he could not repay his debt.
Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh was among the party leaders who addressed the rally at Ramlila Maidan. (ANI)

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